China Electrochemical Treatment Equipment Of Heavy Metal Wastewater

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1. Equipment name: Electrochemical treatment equipment of heavy metal wastewater

2.Technical Principle

Under the the electric field, the anode generates electrons to form micro-flocculants (hydroxides of iron or aluminum), particles and colloidal pollutants suspended in the water will lose stability under the action of micro-flocculant, finally, these pollutant particles and micro-flocculants collide with each other and combine to form large visible flocs.

3. Process description

Heavy metal wastewater electrochemical treatment equipment is used to remove heavy metals and other pollutants through decomposition, REDOX and precipitation by electrochemical reaction between the anode and cathode.

The equipment can remove all heavy metals, organic compounds, bacteria and other pollutants at the same time. It is widely applied in the wastewater treatment of non-ferrous metallurgy, gold smelting, chemical industry, electroplating, mining and other industries.

Compared with other traditional methods, the electrochemical treatment process has many advantages.

1)Modular design, less floor space, easier for operating and maintenance, the operating cost is low.

2)High processing efficiency, high degree of automation. It can be controlled remotely and unattended, safer for operation.

3)The discharge water after treatment can meet Ⅲ class standard of(Environmental quality standards for surface water GB3838-2002)

The process flow diagram is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 Process of electrochemical treatment of wasted water 

4. Main technical and economic indexes

1)Operating Cost

2)Technical specification
The operating cost is 1/3-1/2 of other treating methods, the waste residue is 40% of traditional process, the occupied area is 1/5 of the traditional process.

The daily treaty capacity can reach 10,000t, the removal rate of heavy metals is more than 99% while the removal rate of arsenic is 99.99%, the discharge water can meet the Ⅲ class standard of(Environmental quality standards for surface water GB3838-2002).

5. Pictures of typical cases



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